3M Lava™ Ultimate: 3M ESPE approved Yenadent D43 machine

3M ESPE has approved Yenadent D43 machine with System-3R for 3M Lava™ Ultimate under "Alliance" system which has been designed by Turkuaz Dental.

Besides the ongoing discussions to approve Yenadent machines and Alliance system for further 3M materials, Turkuaz Dental has been appointed as a dealer of 3M's digital dental products in Turkish market.. 3M Lava™ Ultimate blocks are available through Turkuaz Dental in Turkey. Details of the finished approval are below:

  • Alliance System: "Alliance" system has been designed and developed by Turkuaz Dental. The major aim of the system to guarantee the quality of the outcome of the systems installed by Turkuaz. Alliance system also offers some economical advantages and a free connection to NDN digital network.
  • In return, the production center or the lab has to buy consumables through though Turkuaz Dental's material alternatives.
  • Yenadent D43 (with System-3R): System-3R is a patented product that guarantees 2 microns of accuracy and is optional with Yenadent D43 machines. 3M Lava™ Ultimate blocks has been tested and approved by 3M for 5-axis version of Yenadent D43 machine with System-3R. This installation has to be under "Alliance" system.
  • 3M Lava™ Ultimate: 3M's revolutionary resin nano-ceramic material is now available through Turkuaz Dental.

The press release by 3M and Turkuaz Dental can be accessed from here.

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