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The online forms at Turkuaz Dental's websites (www.turkuazdental.com & www.e-turkuazdental.com) transfer your message directly to Turkuaz Dental's technical support team:

  • The forms & messages about CAD/CAM is generally evaluated within half an hour and Support Team makes a Teamviewer connection.
  • Turkuaz Dental is able to make multi-channel connections.
  • The forms at Turkuaz Dental's website help Turkuaz Dental Support Team to understand & analyse your report in a much more efficient way. This save time.
  • Accessing Turkuaz Dental's Support Team members via office or personal phones will NOT fasten up the reaction time. On contrary this will slow down the process.
  • Providing all necessary information with the forms will help Support Team a lot to make a clear diagnostics about the issue that you are having.
  • Non-digital dentistry issues (like ceramics) are passed to the Turkuaz Dental demonstrator and we provide a direct access to you from the demonstrator.
  • For e-commerce sales issues, please send the purchase-code within your message.
  • You are accepting all our policies when you use Turkuaz Dental's website and the online forms in these websites.
  1. In order to get support:
    • Please leave the computer open
    • Please check the internet connection is working well
    • Please check Teamviewer is launched
  2. Please indicate clearly what your problem or issue is within your message. After you send your message with the online forms at Turkuaz Dental's websites the team will get connected to you within half an hour.
  1. Please read this in order to understand how Teamviewer works.
  2. You can download Teamviewer here if you don't have it installed.
  3. Please read this in order to understand how Turkuaz's Teamviewer version works.




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