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Turkuaz Dental has been collaborating with leaders of dental CAD/CAM industry since 2002 in order to bring versatile and robust solutions for the dental industry. Achieving the best price/performance ratio, combinations of Dental Wings open-system installations are securely integrated.

Turkuaz's NDN (National Dental Network) platform provides connectivity & digital file transfers between clinics, labs and production-centers. Plastic & metal sintering solutions from EOS GmbH fill important gaps in the digital dental production chain.

We invite you to join the biggest open CAD/CAM network of Turkey and start benefiting from the advantages of the CAD/CAM world.



Founded in 1904, Noritake has over a century of successful experience in ceramic technology. Noritake has merged with Japanese Kuraray in 2012 and has used its expertise in applied ceramic science. Kuraray-Noritake is the leader in Turkish dental porcelain market.

Noritake brought its knowledge and years of experience to the dental field by developing and introducing a complete dental porcelain system of the highest quality.

Now, Noritake offers many kinds of dental porcelains for available frameworks. Noritake has integrated with Kuraray in April 2012, under the name Kuraray Noritake Inc.



Dental Wings intra-oral scanning system (DWIO) is based on a novel and incredibly compact 3D capture technique called Multiscan Imaging™, the DWIO system allows the dentist or assistant to take digital impressions in a natural, fluid manner.

DWLM laser-milling system removes material from polymer, ceramic, or glass ceramic blocks to create the final dental restoration directly from an open file. The benefits are greatly reduced operating costs, no tooling to wear or break, no cutting fluids to manage, and much more.

Turkuaz also offers guided-surgery, orthodontic planning and intra-oral photography solutions from Smile Line, Dental Wings and Age Solutions.